Package java.util

Interface Summary
Collection Interface that represents a collection of objects.
Enumeration Interface for lists of objects that can be returned in sequence.
EventListener Empty interface that is implemented by classes that need to receive events.
Iterator An object which iterates over a collection.
List An ordered collection (also known as a list).
ListIterator An extended version of Iterator to support the extra features of Lists.
Map An object that maps keys onto values.
Map.Entry A map entry (key-value pair).
Set A collection that contains no duplicates.

Class Summary
AbstractCollection A basic implementation of most of the methods in the Collection interface to make it easier to create a collection.
AbstractList A basic implementation of most of the methods in the List interface to make it easier to create a List based on a random-access data structure.
AbstractMap An abstract implementation of Map to make it easier to create your own implementations.
AbstractSet An abstract implementation of Set to make it easier to create your own implementations.
ArrayList An array-backed implementation of the List interface.
Arrays This class contains various static utility methods performing operations on arrays, and a method to provide a List "view" of an array to facilitate using arrays with Collection-based APIs.
Collections Utility class consisting of static methods that operate on, or return Collections.
EventObject Represents Events fired by Objects.
HashMap This class provides a hashtable-backed implementation of the Map interface.
HashSet This class provides a HashMap-backed implementation of the Set interface.
Hashtable A class which implements a hashtable data structure.
Locale Locales represent a specific country and culture.
Properties A set of persistent properties, which can be saved or loaded from a stream.
PropertyResourceBundle This class is a concrete ResourceBundle that gets it resources from a property file.
ResourceBundle A resource bundle contains locale-specific data.
Vector The Vector classes implements growable arrays of Objects.

Exception Summary
ConcurrentModificationException Exception that is thrown by the collections classes when it is detected that a modification has been made to a data structure when this is not allowed, such as when a collection is structurally modified while an Iterator is operating over it.
MissingResourceException This exception is thrown when a resource is missing.
NoSuchElementException Exception thrown when an attempt is made to access an element that does not exist.