A lightweight alternative to Java.


micro-swt is a micro-libgcj -compatible version of the Eclipse Project's SWT. It is based on the latest release (as of this writing) of that toolkit, 3.2, and is currently supported on the same platforms as micro-libgcj: Linux (i386 and amd64), OS X (i386 and PPC), and Windows (i386).

micro-swt allows you to create relatively lightweight standalone GUI applications using a proven toolkit. Since micro-swt is based on CNI instead of JNI, performance is outstanding, and standard tools such as GDB are available for debugging and profiling.

For an example of a small micro-swt application, consider ControlExample, one of the demo applications available from the Eclipse web site. This demo features all of the major widgets provided by SWT and therefore gives a rough indication of the size overhead incurred by micro-swt and micro-libgcj. A standalone version of this demo ranges from 2.3MB (Win32) to 3.3MB (Linux/AMD64), which can be further reduced to about 800KB and 1MB, respectively, when compressed via UPX.

Example Applications

If you'd like to try out some of the SWT examples built with micro-swt, we've provided the following executables for evaluation. Note that the windows versions require an additional DLL due to technical limitations involving GDI+ and Microsoft's proprietary C++ ABI. Future versions of micro-swt will load this DLL dynamically only if and when GDI+ is used.

Architecture Control Graphics Paint DLL (if required)
Linux/AMD64 download download download
Linux/i386 download download download
OS X/PowerPC download download download
OS X/i386 download download download
Windows/i386 download download download download

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